We Believe There Is Only One God, Revealed In Three Persons: The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit...Making A Blessed Trinity

- 1 John 5:6,7
Redeeming Love Ministries was founded by Pastors, Albert & Mary Alice Monroe in 1989. The Monroe's answered the call of God to begin the Redeeming Love Ministries Church on January 22, 1997. The ministry began with only four people in the Living Room of the Monroe's apartment home. Shortly thereafter, they both understood that God was calling Pastor Mary Alice Monroe to be the Senior Pastor, and that her husband would operate in the office of a Prophet. This was settling in their spirits, as it brought order in their lives. However, Prophet always have been supportive of the Pastor in every area of ministry. He recognizes the gifts and calling on her life.

Through prayer and fasting and seeking the Lord, Pastor Monroe has seen the power of God manifested in many lives of the glory of God! The church began to grow as the word of God was preached, and before long they rented their first church building. A prophetic word was given to them before they began pastoring, telling them of the type of people that God had called them to Pastor. The Monroe's understood the Prophetic word given to them, and because of that they were encouraged and empowered to fulfill the call. The call of Redeeming Love Ministries is a unique call. The Pastor ministers in the lives of couples and families in a lot of crises situations.

Another unique avenue of the call is that the effectiveness of the love and outreach touches so many other people who are not members of this local church. Pastor has traveled to various cities to hold crusades and home meetings. She has also traveled to Africa, and has ministered with Marilyn Hickey in Morocco and Spain. This ministry is designed to train diciples and not just converts, and of course the task has not been an easy one. In February 2004 God was faithful to bless the ministry with an awesome building to hold services.

The Pastors, along with the Redeeming Love Ministry family worked long and hard to make the building beautiful. The Pastors have purposed in their hearts to fulfill the call of God on their lives. They knew that they were called to birth a ministry that would minister deliverance to the wounded, bruised, broken hearted, and to those who have experienced so many hardships in their lives. They teach the uncompromised word of God with encouragement and boldness which demonstrates the compassion of Christ, and gives life.

The Vision of this ministry is to win souls for the kingdom, and to empower individuals, families, and the community to overcome poverty, addictions and the hardships they encounter in life. Another part of the vision is to reach the inner city through prayer and outreach, and to receive the life of God in the hearts of the people.

Pastor Mary Alice Monroe is currently on Radio in Africa. Her voice is being heard across two radio stations in the Western and Southern parts of  Africa. The correspondance is flowing with testimonies of lives being changed by the Power of God through His Word. We praise the Lord for the Radio Africa Ministry. Pastor Monroe, though called to pastor here has a heart felt desire to go on the mission field to minister abroad.

Our Pastors have joined forces with other ministries such as World Harvest Church in Columbus Ohio, as a part of the Ministerial Alliance. They have been faithful partners with Morris Cerullo World Evangelism since 1989, and has traveled with the ministry, which has greatly impacted their lives for the work of the ministry.

God has called, appointed, and anointed our Pastors and this ministry for this End-Time hour to be a house of Prayer to the Nations to train soldiers for battle!
The Pastors along with the Redeeming Love Ministry Family, are a special breed of people who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are redeemed through His blood and are born again of the Holy Spirit. Christ is the head of the body, the church, which has been commissioned by him to reach the hurting, wounded, and suffereing. We reach those who are suffering from either being hurt in the past by loved ones, or feel rejected by the church, and need some strong saints of God to stand and pray when they find it almost impossible to pray for themselves. The pastors teach the uncompromised word of God in a manner whcih brings strength, deliverance, restoration, and healing to God's people. Our church is a body of believers in christ who are joined together for the worship of God, for edification through the word of God, for intercessory prayer, fellowship, the proclamation of the gospel, and observance of the ordinances of the baptism and the Lord's Supper. We are a church of unity, which is our church's foundation statement."ONENESS-UNIQUENESS-HARMONY-AGREEMENT-AND ON ONE ACCORD"
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